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Tutorial - Part 1: Stock Screen Elements  (Go to Part 2)

All of our stock screens have basic elements in common. Below is our Muscle Flexers screen from the Week Ending Sep17,2004. We will use it as an example.

(1) What does this stock screen show?
All stock screens have a link at the top of the page entitled "What does this stock screen show?". When you click on it, it will give you an explanation of the strategy behind the stock screen. It will open in a separate browser window.

(2,3,4) Bulk Charts/Research Links
These sections are what makes screens so easy and quick to use. You can view up to 10 charts at a time (links labeled C1,C2,etc) and/or get research information on up to 10 stocks at a time (links labeled R1,R2,etc) with a single click of the mouse. Charts and Research links are organized into 3 sections, with each section further subdivided into 3 subsections outlining Undiscovered Growth Stocks, Positive Growth Stocks, and all other stocks. Note that links to stocks priced under $6 are presented in a smaller font so those of you who don't want to have anything to do with stocks priced that low can simply ignore these links.
  • (2) The first section consists of stocks in the table that have the best Rankings (Overall and 1-Year Performance Rankings) of at least 70/70. In other words, stocks which outrank at least 70% of all stocks in the database in terms of both Earnings/Growth Potential (Overall Ranking) and Price/Volume Appreciation (1-Year Performance Ranking).
  • (3) The second section consists of stocks that have a 1-Year Performance Ranking of at least 70 that were not already reflected in the first section.
  • (4) The third section consists of all other stocks not already reflected in the first two sections.
Click on the Chart and/or Research links at the beginning of the first section (the 70/70 Undiscovered Growth Stocks) and work your way down. Your "best bets" will probably be found in the first couple of clicks; however, it only takes a couple of minutes to click through all of the charts and find good candidates. Time-Saving Tip: When you do your very first click on a Bulk Chart Link, a fresh new browser window will open, showing the charts. Once you are finished looking at the charts, do an Alt+Tab (i.e. hold down the Alt Key while pushing the Tab Key on your keyboard) in order to switch back to the StockCiphering browser window. All subsequent Bulk Chart clicks will refresh the other Chart browser window and you can Alt+Tab back and forth between the StockCiphering window and the Chart window.

Bulk Chart Links: When you click on a Bulk Chart Link (those labeled C1,C2,etc), you will be brought to's CandleGlance feature (in a separate browser window), which shows up to 10 charts at a time. Each chart is a 1-year bar chart with an indicator (e.g. ADX, MACD, etc) that is appropriate to the StockCiphering stock screen. If you see a chart you like, you can click on it to bring up's Gallery View for the stock, which shows a Daily, Weekly, and a Point&Figure view of the stock. As an example, click here to see the charts of 10 well-known S&P500 stocks. Click on one of those charts to see the more detailed Gallery View.

Bulk Research Links: When you click on a Bulk Research Link (thos labeled R1,R2,etc), you will be brought to Yahoo Finance (in a separate browser window). For each stock, you will see various price and volume information, a 1-year line chart, and further links to more detailed research. The "Profile" link gives you an overview of the company. The "Research" link gives you Earnings History, Earnings Estimates, Broker Recommendations, and other information. The "News" will give you recent news stories. As an example, click here to see research on 10 well-known S&P500 stocks.

(5) Stock Symbol
All tables show the Stock Symbol. Note that the tables are not sorted in alphabetical order by Stock Symbol. Each table is sorted in a specific way that is appropriate to the stock screen.

(6) Chart and Research
Click on the "Ch" link to see a 1-Year Daily Chart of the stock. Click on the "Rs" link to go to Yahoo Finance in order to do further research on the stock's fundamentals, earnings estimates, recent news stories, and other information. Note that links to stocks priced under $6 are presented in a smaller font so those of you who don't want to have anything to do with stocks priced that low can simply ignore these links.

(7) Company Name
Positive Growers appear in Bold and Undiscovered Growers appear in Bold with a Green Background.

(8) Rankings
The Rankings are color-coded like so: 80-99, 60-79, 40-59, 20-39, and 1-19.

(9) Business Category
The Business Category that the stock belongs to is in this column. You can click on it to see all stocks in the same category.

(10) Other Screens
This column shows all other stock screens that include this stock. You can click on the links to bring up those stock screens. It's usually a good confirming signal when you see a stock showing up on multiple stock screens. For example, if you're looking at the Cups With Handle screen and you find a stock that also shows up on the Jack-In-The-Box and/or Coiled Springs screens, then that can be a great confirming signal that the stock is consolidating quietly in its handle.

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